Public Sector Health Information Systems

Cases of Public Sector Health Information Systems from Developing/Transitional Countries

eGov4Dev Cases on Public Sector Health Information Systems

  1. A Health Information System for Indian Districts
  2. TeleHealth India: The Challenges Facing Teleconsultation via an eHealth Portal
  3. MINPHIS: Improving Patient Data in a Nigerian Hospital
  4. Long-Term History of a Health Management Information System in "Ganesh Medical Institute"
  5. Participatory Design of a Community-Based Child Health Information System in South Africa
  6. Electronic Immunisation Registry and Tracking System in Bangladesh
  7. Computerising a Central Asian Epidemiology Service

Other Public Sector Health Info. Systems Cases

  1. Dengue Diagnosis Expert System (IICD/infoDev)
  2. Diagnosis and Treatment through Telemedicine (IICD/infoDev)
  3. Eliminating Blood Shortage and Eradication of Corneal Blindness in India (IICD/infoDev)
  4. eSwasthya: Health in a Card (IICD/infoDev)
  5. Harnessing ICTs for Community Health - The AfriAfya Initiative (IICD/infoDev)
  6. ICTs to Help Stop Spread of HIV/AIDS in Zambia (IICD/infoDev)
  7. Integrating Health and Technology Through Engaging Local Cultures: The Story of LINCOS/InfoComm (IICD/infoDev)
  8. Telephone and Internet-based Medical Appointments in Mexico (IICD/infoDev)
  9. Zambia Health Management Information System (IICD/infoDev)

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