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"Implementing and Managing eGovernment" - International Textbook

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the e-government issues faced by public officials, managers and consultants, making it an indispensable read for students, academics and practitioners.  It can also be used as a self-directed learning text for distributed learning and personal development by these readers.

Features of this textbook include: Case studies drawn from across the globe; Instructive diagrams and synoptic models; Short in-class activities; Assignment questions; Practice-based exercises.

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IDPM iGovernment Papers

23. Understanding e-Government Failure from an Actor-Network Perspective: The Demise of the Thai Smart ID Card (2014)

22. Steering e-Government Projects from Failure to Success: Using Design-Reality Gap Analysis as a Mid-Implementation Assessment Tool (2012)

21. A Framework for Assessing Privacy Readiness of e-Government (2011)

20. Analysing e-Government Project Failure: Comparing Factoral, Systems and Interpretive Approaches (2010)

19. Understanding Adoption of e-Government: Principals, Agents and Institutional Dualism (2009)

18. Benchmarking eGovernment: Improving the National and International Measurement, Evaluation and Comparison of eGovernment (2006)

17. Analysing eGovernment Implementation in Developing Countries Using Actor-Network Theory (2006)

16. Analysing eGovernment Research: Perspectives, Philosophies, Theories, Methods and Practice (2006)

15. eGovernment as a Carrier of Context (2004)

14. Most eGovernment-for-Development Projects Fail: How Can Risks be Reduced? (2003)

13. eGovernment in Africa: Promise and Practice (2002)

12. Building e-Governance for Development: A Framework for National and Donor Action (2001)

11. Understanding e-Governance for Development (2001)

10. Government Data: Understanding the Barriers to Citizen Access and Use (2000)

9. Why Health Care Information Systems Succeed or Fail (1999)

8. Information Management, IT and Government Transformation: Innovative Approaches in the new South Africa (1999)

7. Centralised vs. Decentralised Management of Public Information Systems: A Core-Periphery Solution (1999)

6. Information Age Reform of the Public Sector: The Potential and Problems of Information Technology for India (1998)

5. Public Sector Management Information Systems (1998)

4. Information Technology and Public Sector Corruption (1998)

3. Decision Support Systems and Strategic Public Sector Decision Making in Egypt (1998)

2. Planning and Creating a Government Web Site: Learning from the Experience of US States (1998)

1. Information Systems and Public Sector Accountability (1998)


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