Public Sector Health Information Systems

Online Resources

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General eHealth Sites,contact_info,search,whosis&language=english
World Health Organisation website with online access to a variety of epidemiological information.,gis&language=english
World Health Organisation website on the use of Geographical Information Systems in health.  Includes examples of GIS in health, information on the WHO's GIS programmes, FAQs, and downloadable reports.
Development Gateway special feature on using ICTs for health care delivery

Overview Papers
World Health Organisation workshop report with analysis and cases on strengthening national health information systems in Africa .
International Telecommunications Union paper on issues and policy guidelines for deploying e-health in Latin America and the Caribbean .
Harvard School of Public Health evaluation of health management information systems in India , presenting a review of issues and recommendations about use of integrated health databases.
Special issue of the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, on ICTs in health care in developing countries.

Guidance/Best Practice
Application in Education : review and recommendations from a Makerere University roundtable on use of ICTs in continuing medical education for rural health workers.
Management : guidelines on outsourcing hospital information systems, based on experiences of two Guatemalan hospitals.
Security: Pan-American Health Organisation report on data protection and security in HIS, including security checklists for any organisation (in particular healthcare organisations) implementing an HIS.
System : Community Access to Sustainable Health  (Ca:sh) source code and manuals available for Ca:sh's open-source application for entry and retrieval of health data.
Technology : article about appropriate technology for health information systems: hanging a "question box" in a tree where students can anonymously post AIDS-related questions, which are answered in class.

Case Studies
British Medical Journal article analysing success and failure factors in implementing computerised hospital information system in Limpopo Province , South Africa .
The website of the Health Information Systems Programme in South Africa , including case reports on the programme, and also free downloadable GIS, and HIS for AIDS monitoring.
Short GIS Development article on the use of GIS in planning reproductive health in the Pattani Province of Thailand.
Use of a logistics management information system for family planning in the Philippines and Morocco .

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