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Case Studies - Complete List

eGov4Dev Cases on eTransparency

  1. Opening Government Information via the Cape Gateway
  2. Making Tendering More Transparent in India
  3. Improving Transparency of File Movement in a South Asian Planning Commission
  4. SIGIPES & Aquarium: More Transparent Handling of Personnel Files in Cameroon *Competition Winner*
  5. Publishing Bangladesh Government Information via the Web
  6. Improving Financial Accountability in Sri Lanka Through Web-Based Budget Publication
  7. eCOPS: More Open Handling of Criminal Cases in India
  8. More Transparent Tendering for Infrastructure Development in Indonesia
  9. E-licitatie : Transparency of Romanian Public Procurement Through ICTs *Competition Winner*
  10. Web-Based Access to User-Friendly Government Financial Statements in Sri Lanka
  11. Gyandoot: Trying to Improve Government Services for Rural Citizens in India
  12. Text 2920/117: Reporting Police Wrongdoing via SMS in the Philippines
  13. SWAGAT (State-Wide Attention on public Grievance by Application of Technology) in Gujarat State, India
  14. Laying Foundations for Transparency of Development Project Finances in a South Asian Ministry of Planning
  15. Portales de Transparencia : Delivering Public Financial Information to Citizens in Five Latin American Countries *Competition Winner*
  16. VOICE: Using Interactive Television to Improve Local Government Services in India
  17. eCustomer Care System in Malta: Enabling Online Complaints

Other eGov4Dev Cases Related to eTransparency

  1. Supporting Democracy with ICTs: South Africa's Independent Electoral Commission
  2. Turkey's Local Government Portal, YerelNet
  3. A Management Information System and GIS to Support Local Government in Balochistan
  4. eProcurement by Brazil's Federal Government
  5. Integrated Information System for Trade at Douala Autonomous Port
  6. eProcurement by Mexico's Federal Government
  7. Planning Web-Enabled Services for Citizens in Orissa
  8. eShringhla: An Information Kiosk Scheme in South India
  9. SETU: A Citizen Facilitation Centre in India

Other eTransparency Cases

  1. Connecting India Village by Village (IICD/infoDev)
  2. Saukaryam Onlining Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (IICD/infoDev)
  3. SEVANA - Towards a Holistic and Human-Centred Approach to E-Governance (IICD/infoDev)
  4. Beijing's Business E-Park (World Bank)
  5. Bhoomi: Online Delivery of Land Titles in Karnataka, India (World Bank)
  6. Central Vigilance Commission Website: A Bold Anticorruption Experiment (World Bank)
  7. Chile's Government Procurement E-System (World Bank)
  8. Colombia's Government Portal (World Bank)
  9. Computerized Interstate Check Posts in Gujarat (World Bank)
  10. Cristal: A Tool for Transparent Government in Argentina (World Bank)
  11. Empowering Dairy Farmers in India through a Dairy Information and Services Kiosk (World Bank)
  12. Gyandoot: Community-Owned Rural Internet Kiosks (World Bank)
  13. OPEN: Seoul's Anticorruption Project (World Bank)
  14. Land/Property Registration in Andhra Pradesh (World Bank)
  15. Philippine Customs Reform (World Bank)

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