Success and Failure in eGovernment Projects

Case Studies - Complete List

eGov4Dev Cases

  1. Village Information Kiosks for the Warana Cooperatives in India *Competition Winner*
  2. Supporting Democracy with ICTs: South Africa's Independent Electoral Commission
  3. Problems for a Natural Resource Ministry's Scientific Information System
  4. First Steps in Implementation of Pakistan's National Database & Registration Authority
  5. Using Information Systems to Support a Social Investment Fund in South America
  6. Automating a Social Security and National Insurance Trust in West Africa
  7. Turkey's Local Government Portal, YerelNet
  8. A Management Information System and GIS to Support Local Government in Balochistan
  9. The Cameroon Government Web Portal
  10. Starting Up the Cameroon Department of Tax's Web Site
  11. Durban Council's Community Information Link *Competition Winner*
  12. eProcurement by Brazil's Federal Government
  13. Integrated Information System for Trade at Douala Autonomous Port
  14. eProcurement by Mexico's Federal Government
  15. Planning Web-Enabled Services for Citizens in Orissa
  16. Electronic Birth Registration in Rajshahi, Bangladesh *Competition Winner*
  17. Front-End First: Citizen Payment at FRIENDS Centres in Kerala *Competition Winner*
  18. Pension Payment and Contribution Collection System in the Former USSR
  19. eShringhla: An Information Kiosk Scheme in South India
  20. A Land Licensing and Planning System for Beira City, Mozambique *Competition Winner*
  21. SETU: A Citizen Facilitation Centre in India
  22. Failed Electronic Voter Registration in Uganda *Competition Winner*
  23. Problems in Computerising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs *Competition Winner*
  24. The National Data Bank Project: An Expensive Lesson for Bangladesh
  25. Challenges to Management Information Systems in Nigerian Universities
  26. (Not) Providing Computers for all South African Civil Servants

eGov4Dev Design-Reality Gap Cases

  1. Automating Public Sector Bank Transactions in South Asia
  2. Computerising a Central Asian Epidemiology Service
  3. Computerised Integration of Two Pension Funds in Southern Africa
  4. A Single Personnel Information System for a Southern African Government
  5. An Integrated Information System for Defence Force Management in the Middle East

Design-Reality Gap eGov Case Proposals

  1. Electronic Networking for a Ministry of Education in East Asia
  2. Computerising Election Results Management in West Africa
  3. Campus-Wide Networking for a Public University in East Africa

Other Cases - Since 2001

  1. SIMEP...Colombians International Cooperation in Real Time (IICD/infoDev)
  2. Connecting India Village by Village (IICD/infoDev)
  3. The Agricultural Marketing Information Centre (IICD/infoDev)
  4. SEVANA - Towards a Holistic and Human-Centred Approach to E-Governance (IICD/infoDev)
  5. Harnessing ICTs for Community Health - The AfriAfya Initiative (IICD/infoDev)
  6. Sustainable Development Networking Programme, India - A Success Story (IICD/infoDev)
  7. Providing Citizen Services online: E-seva in Andhra Pradesh State of India (IICD/infoDev)
  8. Control of Transport Fleet and Trips (IICD/infoDev)
  9. Acessa São Paulo Program - Sharing Knowledge for Development (IICD/infoDev)
  10. Implementation of the Environmental Information Network Project in Ghana (IICD/infoDev)
  11. ICT Project Brings Hope to the Troubled Solomon Islands (IICD/infoDev)
  12. INFOPLAZAS - Bringing Technology and Knowledge to Everyone (IICD/infoDev)
  13. ICT in Non-Traditional Exports Trade in Ghana (IICD/infoDev)
  14. Transition from Disaster to Development through ICT (IICD/infoDev)

Other Cases - 1999-2001

  1. Bringing the Internet to Ghana (IICD/infoDev)
  2. Integrating Health and Technology Through Engaging Local Cultures: The Story of LINCOS/InfoComm (IICD/infoDev)
  3. Window to the World (IICD/infoDev)
  4. Sustainable Development Networking Programme of Bangladesh (IICD/infoDev)
  5. What has a Farmer to do with a Computer? (IICD/infoDev)
  6. WIDE - Web of Information for Development (IICD/infoDev)
  7. From Zero-Rated on Computer Literacy to Higher Ways: Ideas for ICT in National Education (IICD/infoDev)
  8. ReAACT - Science and Technology Support and Management Online (IICD/infoDev)
  9. Local Information Services: Technology to the Aid of the Community (IICD/infoDev)
  10. Connecting Colombian Schools: the Bilinguist and Informatic National Program (IICD/infoDev)
  11. The Tao Project (Teacher Amelioration for Optimum Welfare) (IICD/infoDev)
  12. Use of ICT: A Hope for a New Generation of Kids in the Coffee Region in Colombia (IICD/infoDev)
  13. Electronic Library Project in the Open University of Hong Kong (IICD/infoDev)
  14. ZimSciNet - IT Support for Rural Science Teachers (IICD/infoDev)
  15. Zambia Health Management Information System (IICD/infoDev)
  16. Land/Property Registration in Andhra Pradesh (World Bank)
  17. Beijing's Business E-Park (World Bank)
  18. Bhoomi: Online Delivery of Land Titles in Karnataka, India (World Bank)
  19. Central Vigilance Commission Website: A Bold Anticorruption Experiment (World Bank)
  20. Chile's Government Procurement E-System (World Bank)
  21. Chilean Tax System Online (World Bank)
  22. Citizen Service Centers in Bahia, Brazil (World Bank)
  23. Colombia's Government Portal (World Bank)
  24. Computerized Interstate Check Posts in Gujarat (World Bank)
  25. Contributions Network in Mauritius (World Bank)
  26. Cristal: A Tool for Transparent Government in Argentina (World Bank)
  27. Empowering Dairy Farmers in India through a Dairy Information and Services Kiosk (World Bank)
  28. Gyandoot: Community-Owned Rural Internet Kiosks (World Bank)
  29. Jamaica Customs Automated Services Online (World Bank)
  30. Kothmale Community Radio/Internet Project: Expanding the Knowledge Base (World Bank)
  31. Mandals Online in Andhra Pradesh (World Bank)
  32. Modernizing Tax Administration in Singapore (World Bank)
  33. OPEN: Seoul's Anticorruption Project (World Bank)
  34. Philippine Customs Reform (World Bank)
  35. São Paulo's Centers for Attending to the Citizen (World Bank)
  36. Thailand's Troubled Tax Computerization Project (World Bank)
  37. Vietnam's Tale of Two Cities (World Bank)
  38. VOICE: Online Delivery of Municipal Services in Vijaywada, India (World Bank)
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