Success and Failure in eGovernment Projects


"Why Did My Project Fail?" - Identifying Failure Causes in eGovernment Projects

Most e-government projects fail (follow this link for evidence in this sense). If this happens, e-government practitioners involved may wish to understand why. This page offers some basic guidance on how to identify causes of failure on e-government projects in developing/transitional countries.

General Questions About Identifying Failure Causes

Specific Techniques for Identifying Causes of Failure in eGov Projects

1. Simple Factor Identification

This takes a very simple, 'one size fits all' approach, based on an analysed list of success and failure factors for e-government projects. This provides a very basic checklist of presence or absence of these factors.

2. Design-Reality Gap Analysis

A gap exists for all e-government projects between the design assumptions/requirements and the reality of the client public sector organisation. This gap can be measured along seven 'ITPOSMO' dimensions. The dimensions that show the largest gap are the most likely causes of project failure.


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