Building eGovernment Websites

In the Overview section:

Building eGovernment Websites

This section is dedicated to the development of websites for public sector organisations.

It addresses a series of issues of potential interest to public officials and e-government practitioners in developing countries intending to design and implement web applications for the institutions they work for, and provides solutions to such issues.

It covers the typical phases in the realisation of a web project, from planning through design and implementation to maintenance and evaluation, and offers advice both on the technical and on the organisational aspects that need to be addressed in order to successfully implement web projects in developing country governmental environments. As such, it is not a technical guide, focusing instead more broadly on the practical aspects of the management of web projects.

The guide is also designed to appeal to practitioners who already have responsibility for established web projects, by providing tips on project monitoring and evaluation.

It adopts a user-centred approach, providing simple and accessible answers to frequently asked questions about planning and implementing web applications.

The answers have been developed through research by Andrea Bardelli Danieli.

Building eGovernment Websites is the fifth in a series of topics to be covered by the eGovernment for Development Information Exchange.

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