Building eGovernment Websites


What Does Maintaining A Website Mean?

Maintaining an eGovernment website means ensuring that the site remains usable and accessible at all times, and that it keeps fulfilling its functions in the best possible way.

This applies not only to the technical aspects of a site, but also to the quality and usability of its contents: the information you publish should be as accurate and timely as possible, and this will require dedicated efforts on the part of your organisation.

It is also important to maintain the public awareness of the site, by promoting it appropriately and ensuring it remains "out there" along with other publicised communication channels: after all, you have produced the site to achieve specific goals, and you will only achieve them if your site is used by the maximum amount of people possible - so you will need to promote it.

Page Author: Andrea Bardelli Danieli. Last updated on 19 October, 2008.
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