Building eGovernment Websites


Why Do I Need To Evaluate My eGovernment Website?

As with all projects, you need to evaluate your website in order to understand whether it has achieved the goals you initially set for it (see: Why Do You Want To Set Up An eGovernment Website?) and/or to review its functionality with a view to improving it.

Therefore, evaluating your website implies asking the following questions:

Asking these questions will help you monitor the progress you have made since the inception of the project, and will provide you with justifications for its existence (or with reasons to abandon it if proves to be a failure). It is also likely to provide you with justifications for further investment in the project, enabling you to develop it further, or to make its production less demanding for staff (e.g. by appointing extra staff to manage it better).

Page Author: Andrea Bardelli Danieli. Last updated on 19 October, 2008.
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